Job Prospects for High School Graduates in the Great Recession

Rutgers University recently released results from a study of High School Graduates during the Great Recession between 2006-2011. A brief overview of their results is related here:

  • College¬†graduates are employed at nearly twice the rate of High School graduates, with only 3 of 10 high school graduates employed full time.
  • Since graduating High School half of the respondents were able to find a full time job, but only 30 percent remained employed full time. Median hourly wage was $7.50.
  • Only 10% of High School graduates have jobs with an annual salary.
  • 33% of those graduates were unemployed between 2010-2011
  • 70% of High School graduates said school did not adequately prepare them for their transition to the workforce.
  • Many had plans to attend college but did not do so because of cost or the need to work.

What we can take from this study is that any education or training after High School will most likely provide you with a better opportunity to get employed, stay employed and have higher wages of employment in your lifetime. Even in a recession, there is funding available for college. If you are interested in pursuing college classes contact the B.O.C.E.S. at 789-5742 for more information.