Industrial Safety Training

OSHA estimates that 40 million American workers may potentially be exposed to hazardous chemicals in their workplace. These workers fall under the “Right to Know” requirements contained in the hazardous communications regulations and must be trained in HazCom. Have you heard about the new Hazard Communication Standard regarding Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS) regarding Safety Data Sheets (SDS) information formally known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?  OSHA is now requiring all workers exposed to any hazardous chemicals be trained to the new hazardous communications regulations by December 1, 2013.

IST’s course will cover the elements that address the OSHA training requirements for GHS in their Session 1 training. The course length is approximately three hours. Topics covered will include:

  • HazCom
    • Employer requirements under GHS
    • Why GHS is important to workers
    • Use of pictograms in classifying hazards
    • Elements of GHS-compliant labels
    • Elements of GHS-Compliant safety data sheets
  • Fall Protection
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding

Let our program help increase your employee’s knowledge and help develop a program for employers that will teach, train, and prepare those IST serve to achieve a safer and healthier workplace.  To schedule training please call 307-789-5742 ext. 113, or visit our website for additional training IST provides.


Coming to Evanston is the opportunity for your kids to have a great time while learning critical Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts that meet Nation Science Standards. Uinta B.O.C.E.S. #1 Education Center will be hosting Summer Enrichment Classes. Currently, the American Public Education system is not even in the top ten in the world (ranked 17th). This class will help reinforce and add to what your child has learned in the classroom.  The class will be facilitated by a local instructor from All About Learning Inc. All About Learning Inc. is a company based in Sparta, Michigan and is in the business of creating brighter futures, offering ten different classes for any school age group (K-8) that focus on STEM learning.  Instructors create a fun, hands on environment to help kids build on their education. Check out one of our classes in action at:  

“The students are having so much fun building LEGO projects that have gears, levers, pulleys, wheels and motors, they don’t realize they are learning so much!”, says Dave Stackpole the Founder and President of All About Learning. There has been such a positive response from teachers, parents and students involved in the courses since All About Learning Inc. started in 2002. Lindsey, the Summer Programs Coordinator for Westbury Christian School, said this when asked if the students were engaged in the activities; “Yes, they were very engaged. They seemed captivated by the structure they were building and proud when it was completed.” Liliana, from Libby Elementary responded, “My students were very engaged with this STEM activity. They used problem solving skills to create a simple machine. Wonderful activity.”  Lorie, from Massachusetts had this to say about the instructor, “YES! He set expectations of the students and they followed through.” Overall All About Learning Inc. has had very encouraging feedback from the communities they have taught in across the nation!

Along with the positive feedback on the courses delivery there have also been increased test scores on National Science and Math Standard tests. Test scores of children that have participated in All About Learning Inc.’s activities have been 35% higher on average than the scores of children that have not participated. All About Learning Inc. uses specialized LEGO kits as a teaching tool for all ages, rigorous training of all instructors, as well as an exclusive curriculum that produces maximum results. A few of the key components that are taught in the courses are basic engineering principals, forces of motion, and problem solving.

The upcoming Enrichment Classes have limited openings available. For more information on the course or to sign up please contact Beckie Eskelson at 307-789-5742 x 127 or via email